Fresh from the Delicatessen

Every day you'll find a tempting range of treats on Iwtopia's deli counter.
  • Freshly made wraps and subs.
  • Fauxmage - buy as much or as little as you like, or make up a cheeseboard.
  • Salamis and Deli meats - Including Sue's homemade pepperoni and Maple roasted chicken. Note - These are made from seitan which contains gluten.
  • Salads - Slaws, potato salads, cous cous, made on site and super fresh.
  • Pizza by the slice.
  • Seasonal specials - Smoked carrot  salmon, pate's kebab sticks. Pies, tarts, nut roasts - all the good things.
Nut cheese - Not cheese.
You'll find a wide variety of vegan cheeses at Iwtopia, to suit all tastes and budgets. We also have a range of cheeses on the deli counter or maybe even treat yourself to a cheeseboard?
Welsh cheese selection?
Yes please!

Hail Seitan.
You'll find a range of deli meats and salamis ready to be sliced on the delicatessen counter. as well as plenty of interesting sausage,salami and prepacked slices in the fridge.
Don't forget to try Sue's homemade Pepperoni.
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
We all need to eat a rainbow!
At Iwtopia we think fruit and veg should be affordable & easy. You can buy as much or as little as you like, bring your own bags and avoid the plastic too. It's not all organic, we stock local when we can and always fresh and seasonal.
Welsh Products
Shop local!
There are a myriad of smaller artisan businesses all over Wales. You'll have seen them at farmers markets or vegan fairs.
We're passionate about bringing the best of Vegan Wales to you.
The major supermarkets are doing a fantastic range of vegan food these days. 
We like to offer more unusual and harder to find groceries - maybe offer a few new ideas, or some old favourite products.
Naughty things...
Vegans just eat grass and lentils yeah?

We have plenty of snacks and sweeties to keep your worst cravings at bay!
Iwtopia Deli